About us :
We started to supply our furniture in market in 1990 by a group of workshops manufacture (dining rooms- chairs- sofa ) , our group has been growing rapidly and increasing the production quality for many years . Our groups continuously fulfills the demands of the market.
After that we established our company out of a desire to bring a unique customer oriented approach to the contract market place .
Our company provides strong design that excel at meeting all core requirements together with a huge array of options , choices ,price point and scales, so unique chair company’s customer can specify the best possible solution . We also can supply hotels and restaurants with their needs from furnitureo.

Why Unique Furniture Company?
We guarantee you with best quality products.
We also do costume made orders. Customizing your design, material, color and size.
We don’t tolerate a delay, so do us, we do fast delivery to any country.
We only use high quality material to create beautiful and durable furniture
Our products really fit your budget affordable price , What a delight!